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Electrical Permits

When is an Electrical Permit Required?

A Electrical Permit is required for work that involves installing, relocating, repairing, or maintaining any electrical wiring or device designed for conducting, consuming or converting electrical current.

How is an Electrical Permit Obtained and Who may Apply for these Permits?

An electrical permit can be applied for online using DPS e-Permits – Apply Online. However, the applicant must a licensed Montgomery County master electrician who has set up an Apply Online account by contacting DPS prior to applying to ensure the email address is tied to their Electrical Licenses (Accounts do not need to be created by the licensed applicant/user themselves). To begin using ePermits and ePlans, please send a request for a user account to if you are licensed and have not already done so.

Homeowners who intend to do their own electrical work, and meet the criteria for doing so, may take a test to obtain a permit (see: Homeowners Electrical Exam.) Once they have passed the examination, they will be assisted by DPS Staff in order obtain their electrical permit.

What is the Cost?

The minimum processing fee for residential installations is $90.00 and the minimum processing fee for commercial installations is $150.00. The total fee will be the sum of the processing fee plus the price of the items/work which is printed on the back application. 

What is the Application Process?

Electricians or their personally authorized representatives will apply online using the e-mail they have registered to their Electrical Business & Electrical Masters licenses and the private password they have created, after receiving the automated invitation to join Apply Online from MCDPS.

When applying for the permit online:

  • Be sure to enter the valid, current, and correct business and master’s license numbers
  • Be aware any Outstanding Notices of Violation for the premise (outstanding fines will collected with the permit fee) will prevent permit issuance.
  • Please enter the Building permit number in the necessary field (if required for the work being done), and make sure it has been issued prior to the applying for the electrical permit.
  • Be aware, the incorporated City of Rockville and City of Gaithersburg process permits for properties located within their city limits & are outside the jurisdiction of Montgomery County. It is recommended to check the jurisdiction of the property using the SDAT: Real Property Data Search

If the conditions are met:

-A permit number is created and assigned

-Fees are calculated and paid online

-And the permit will be issued at that time, unless it requires prior zoning approval

eServices Training Videos are available for assistance navigating the page or please contact Montgomery County 311 at (240)-777-0311 for further assistance.


  1. All plans must be signed and sealed by a Maryland Licensed Professional Engineer; 
  2. Power riser diagram, including wiring method type, feeder sizes proper grounding and
    bonding jumper sizes, including over-current protection device, size and rating;
  3. Fire alarm riser diagram, descriptive notes, annunciator panel and control panel if applicable;
  4. Symbols list, lighting and panel schedules;
  5. Reflective ceiling plan, including show window and track lighting;
  6. Power plan showing the floor layout and electrical equipment location;
  7. Working clearances for the electrical equipment in accordance with Article 110, Part II;
  8. Demand load calculations, including existing loads added to new additions;
  9. Fire pumps, if applicable, include size and source of supply, full load current rating of the
    fire pump motor and AIC rating of the motor and transfer switch.
  10. Emergency distribution equipment, include transfer equipment and panel locations.

Certification of modified drawings. (Click here)

Plan submittal changes which result from the suspension of a plan review must include a "Certification Of Modified Drawings". The design professional(s) responsible for the design of the project shall review all the changes from each of the disciplines and certify that the resubmitted design documents prepared under their license did, or did not, require modification as a result of any changes made.

How Can the Permit Be Revised Once Issued?

Should a permit require revision once issued, corrections may be requested by sending a detailed email request to or by contacting Montgomery County 311 at (240)-777-0311. You will be contacted by a DPS staff member as to these revisions. Please be advised, permit application revisions after submission by the applicant are subject to a $49.00 fee in addition to any additional fees for equipment added at that time. Once the corrections have been made, you will be notified by DPS staff to log into e-Permits – Apply Online and pay the addition fee(s) due.

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National Electrical Code NFPA National Electrical Code / 2011
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Other Agencies to Contact
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  American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
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  Board of Appeals
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  International Code Council (ICC)
  Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation
  Maryland Department of the Environment
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  Masonry Institute of America (MIA)
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  MNCPPC: Historic Area Work Permits
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