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Limited Duration Sign Permits

When is a Limited Duration Sign Permit Required?

A limited duration sign permit is required for a non-permanent sign that is either displayed:

  • on private property for more than 30 days, or
  • within the public right-of-way on weekends only or for a 14-day period.

What are the Regulations that Apply to Limited Duration Signs?

  • Limited duration signs on private property are subject to size, height, and location standards depending on the zoning classification.
  • Limited duration signs in the public right-of-way are subject to size, height, and location restrictions. Applicants are limited to a maximum of four limited duration signs.
  • Limited duration signs can only be erected on weekends or for fourteen consecutive days during any six-month period.

What is the Application Process?

A completed application and the following information must be submitted to DPS for review.

  • a drawing of the area showing the proposed location of the sign in relation to nearby buildings and streets
  • a scaled drawing of the sign
  • written permission of the property owner, if the sign is erected on private property


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