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Design for Life: Every Home Accessible for Everyone. Montgomery County has a property tax to help pay for it.
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  • Register: Empowering Places of Worship Open House
    • Montgomery County will be holding an Open House on November 9, 2016 from 9 am to 2 pm. Empowering Places of Worship with Information to Successfully Build, Expand or Otherwise Locate in Montgomery County. Roundtables with experts from multiple agencies to provide information about the process of locating or building in Montgomery County.
  • Residential Solar Permits
    • Effective October 10, 2016, please note that DPS will change the requirements for submitting and reviewing applications for the residential rooftop solar panel installations and referback rooftop solar panel installations. In particular, please pay attention to the prescribed timeframes for submitting the application, corrections, and paying due fees. Failure to comply with these timeframes may result in voiding the permit and losing the filing fees.
  • Newly Adopted 2014 National Electrical Code
    • Executive Regulation 6-16 adopts the 2014 NEC with local amendments effective on July 1, 2016 and required as of October 3, 2016.
  • Adoption of 2012 IGCC
    • International Green Construction Code (IGCC)
  • Respect the Space: Disability Parking
    • Maryland Guide to Accessible Parking Spaces. Please consult the guide to make sure the spaces meet the code requirements.
  • Quick Chart for Zoning Fees
    • New chart reflects Council Regulation 18-542 reducing Automation Enhancement Fee to Zero. Council Resolution 18-317, the amendment to the Department of Permitting Services fees for services, was adopted on November 3, 2015.
  • Quick Chart for Building Permit Fees- Method 2
    • New chart reflects Council Regulation 18-542 reducing Automation Enhancement Fee to Zero. ER 9-15AMII regulation eliminates the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) surcharge, replaces multiple construction-type based fee rates with a per square foot construction rate, or flat fees and eliminates the Fire Code Building Permit Inspection Fees. This regulation includes Building Permit fees for electric vehicle charging stations and rooftop solar photovoltaic systems for single family dwellings as required by Bill 11-14 Buildings – Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Permits – Expedited Review and Bill 1-14 Buildings – Solar Permits – Expedited Review both of which were effective July 31, 2014. The fees for Benefit Performance Licenses and the fee for Storage of Vendor-Confiscated Goods have been moved to this regulation from Executive Regulation 15-13 Schedule of Fees for Permits, Licenses and Inspection – Method 3 (COMCOR No 19.67.02). This regulation supersedes Executive Regulation 14-13 in its entirety.
  • Quick Chart Land Development Permit Fees- Method 3
    • New chart reflects Council Regulation 18-542 reducing Automation Enhancement Fee to Zero. Executive regulation 8-15 simplifies several elements of the Department of Permitting Services’ fee structure, adjusts fees based upon functional analysis, provides additional flat fees including for utilities, moves payment of the balance of sediment control permit fee from second review to one year after permit issuance for certain sediment control permits and applies a rate stabilization factor to address revenue volatility and avoid excess reserves. This regulation supersedes Executive Regulation 15-13 in its entirety.
  • Visit!
    • Design for Life is an incentive program offering property tax credits for making homes more accessible. DFL homes are for all ages and stages of life.
  • Solar Permit Process
    • The webinar on the Solar Permitting process including tips for expediting the application process.
  • Proposed IgCC Legislation MCER No. 21-15
    • MCER NO. 21-15: PROPOSED DEPARTMENT OF PERMITTING SERVICES REGULATION. International Green Construction Code (IGCC) 2012 SUMMARY: The proposed regulation adopts the 2012 International Green Construction Code (IGCC), with amendments. The proposed regulation would supersede Executive Regulation 19-07AM.
  • ePlans Training now offered ONLINE!
    • DPS now offers training for Apply Online permits and for electronic plan submission.
  • ePlans Updated Applicant User Guide
    • Get the most recent ProjectDox training with the updated Applicant User Guide.
  • Commerical Building ePlans Checklist!
    • ePlans is now accepting commercial building plans. ePlans still requires the Commercial Building Checklist to be included with your application. Please make sure to include the checklist to ensure your plans through the DPS process faster.
  • ePlans Video
    • The Department of Permitting Services is rapidly expanding our award winning eServices including ePermits and ePlans. ePlans is a web-based application for electronic plan submission and review using ProjectDox software. Click link to view video.
  • Recipes for Success
    • Beginning on November 4, 2014,new and current restaurant owners can sign up for a Free Design Consultation and receive a Recipes for Success Welcome Packet online or a print version at one of the Regional Service Centers.
  • Preliminary Design Consultation
    • Ask for a free Preliminary Design Consultation for your construction project. Get information on permits required, the permitting process and permit fees.
  • ePlans Updated System Requirements
    • ePlans has new updated system requirements for ProjectDox for easier use and compatibility.
  • DPS Location and Hours of Operation
    • Click the link to browse the details (PDF format)
  • 255 Parking Garage Closure
    • Effective June 13, 2016, other than Handicap parking, the Public parking in the 255 Rockville Pike Garage will be temporarily unavailable due to Landlord repairs. Please see map for alternative parking solutions.


Building Construction

The Building Construction Division is responsible for ensuring public safety through the effective enforcement of construction codes and standards. We are responsible for plan review of building permits, inspection of construction projects and the investigation of complaints.


Customer Service

Our job is to provide the highest quality of customer service by helping you through the permitting process. Take advantage of the


Land Development

The Division of Land Development regulates all aspects of the process by which raw land is improved, including soils testing, stormwater management/sediment control and right-of-way construction. Members of our Division review plans and issue permits for all types of land improvement activities.

Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement

Building Construction

Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing both the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 59) and the agreements made between the Planning Commission (MNCPPC) and those developing property in Montgomery County.