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Welcome to Fire Prevention and Code Compliance

255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor

Rockville, MD 20850

Phone no: 240-777-0311

The Fire Prevention and Code Compliance Section is responsible for:

We provide preventive inspections for places of assembly, and any occupied facility within Montgomery County. Our Fire Marshals enforce Montgomery County Fire Safety Codes and Maryland State Fire Prevention Codes. They also enforce the Life Safety Code and respond to complaints.

We strive for the highest standard of service in Montgomery County. By seeking out, informing, encouraging and assisting our local county residents and contractors with all aspects of Life Safety Codes. Fire Code Compliance has a broad authority and is responsible for adopting and enforcing County wide policies, regulations, standards, procedures, plans, and programs.

Important Links

Submit a Systems Test Report

Fill out a Community Complaint Report to notify DPS of a fire code violation.

Montgomery County Policy for Outdoor Fireplaces at Single Family Homes and Multi-Family Homes