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Bonds Estimation

Street Name:
Permit Number:
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QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals

Construction Activity Costs (CAC) Total: N/A
Bond Subtotal (CAC + 5% Contigency): N/A
Total Bond Requirements: N/A
Permit Fee
Permit Fee Subtotal (Total Bond x 14.650%): N/A
EFSF (Permit Fee Subtotal x 3%): N/A
Total Permit Fee: N/A

Approved by: ________________________________________

QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals
C.Y.Roadway Excavation
C.Y.Borrow Excavation
C.Y.Select Borrow
C.Y.Class I-A Excavation (undercut)
C.Y.Class II Excavation
L.F.Remove existing curb & gutter
Ea.Remove existing driveway
S.Y.Remove existing sidewalk
S.F.Construction Signs
Ea.Temporary Construction Entrance
L.F.6" CMP or PVC Underdrain
S.Y.8" Dense Graded Aggregate Base
S.Y.8" Primary Paving
S.Y.6" Secondary Paving
S.Y.Mill asphalt (per 1" depth)
L.F.Concrete Curb And Gutter
L.F.Bituminous Curb
S.Y.4" Concrete Sidewalk
S.Y.5" Concrete Sidewalk
S.Y.4" Bituminous Path
Ea.Residential Driveway Apron (incl. pipe)
Ea.Commercial Driveway Apron
Ea.Intersection Type Driveway
Ea.Handicap Ramp
Ea.Barricade Post
Ea.Guard Rail - Barricade
L.F.Guard Rail - Steel Beam
S.Y.Sodding (Solid)
S.Y.Seeding and Mulching
Ea.Street Tree
Ea.Utility Pole Relocation
C.Y.Utility Excavation, Under Roadway
C.Y.Utility Excavation, Outside of Roadway
L.S.Utility Aerial Work only
L.S.Utility Pull/Place Cable in Existing Conduit
L.S.Minimal Restoration of Right of Way
Ea.Utility Roadway Crossing via Directional Bore, <70 Ft. RoW
Ea.Utility Roadway Crossing via Directional Bore, >70 Ft. RoW
S.Y.2" Asphalt Pavement Mill & Overlay
Ea.Adjust manhole
Ea.Adjust water valve
Ea.Lot Stakeout
C.Y.Structural Concrete
Ea.Street Lights(<36'Wide Paving)
Ea.Street Lights (Non-Residential < 36' wide)
Ea.Street Lights(=or>36'Wide Paving)
Ea.A-5 Inlet (5' X 2.5')
Ea.A-10 Inlet (10' x 2.5')
Ea.A-15 Inlet (15' x 2.5')
Ea.A-20 Inlet (20' x 2.5')
Ea.B-Inlet (Modified)
Ea.B-10 Inlet (10' x 2.5')
Ea.B-15 Inlet (15' x 2.5')
Ea.B-20 Inlet (20' x 2.5')
Ea.J Inlet (2' x 4')
Ea.K Inlet (3' x 4')
Ea.E-4 Inlet
Ea.A Manhole (4' Diameter)
Ea.B Manhole
Ea.D Inlet
Ea.Field Connection
S.Y.Riprap - Ungrouted
S.Y.Riprap - Grouted
L.F.15" Class III RCP
L.F.18" Class III RCP
L.F.21" Class III RCP
L.F.24" Class III RCP
L.F.27" Class III RCP
L.F.30" Class III RCP
L.F.33" Class III RCP
L.F.36" Class III RCP
L.F.42" Class III RCP
L.F.48" Class III RCP
L.F.54" Class III RCP
L.F.60" Class III RCP
L.F.66" Class III RCP
L.F.72" Class III RCP
L.F.15" Class IV RCP Class IV
L.F.18" Class IV RCP
L.F.21" Class IV RCP
L.F.24" Class IV RCP
L.F.27" Class IV RCP
L.F.30" Class IV RCP
L.F.33" Class IV RCP
L.F.36" Class IV RCP
L.F.42" Class IV RCP
L.F.48" Class IV RCP
L.F.54" Class IV RCP
L.F.60" Class IV RCP
L.F.66" Class IV RCP
L.F.72" Class IV RCP
L.F.15" Class V RCP Class V
L.F.18" Class V RCP
L.F.21" Class V RCP
L.F.24" Class V RCP
L.F.27" Class V RCP
L.F.30" Class V RCP
L.F.33" Class V RCP
L.F.36" Class V RCP
L.F.42" Class V RCP
L.F.48" Class V RCP
L.F.54" Class V RCP
L.F.60" Class V RCP
L.F.66" Class V RCP
L.F.72" Class V RCP
Ea.15" Concrete Endwall
Ea.18" Concrete Endwall
Ea.21" Concrete Endwall
Ea.24" Concrete Endwall
Ea.27" Concrete Endwall
Ea.30" Concrete Endwall
Ea.33" Concrete Endwall
Ea.36" Concrete Endwall
Ea.42" Concrete Endwall
Ea.48" Concrete Endwall
Ea.54" Concrete Endwall
Ea.60" Concrete Endwall
Ea.15" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.18" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.21" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.24" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.27" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.30" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.33" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.36" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.42" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.48" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.54" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.60" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.66" Concrete End Section RCP
Ea.72" Concrete End Section RCP
QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals

  1. Drainage structure costs listed are to be used for depths up to 5 feet with box dimensions as shown. For greater depths and increased sizes, costs shall be increased accordingly.
  2. Corrugated steel pipe and corrugated aluminum pipe will be bonded at the unit price listed for class III reinforced concrete pipe unless otherwise noted.
  3. Precast drainage structures will be bonded at the unit prices for built in place structures.
  4. The Engineer will be required to furnish estimated unit prices or lump sum costs for maintenance of traffic and other items not listed.
  5. The bond amount for storm drain/ or paving permits covering only a small amount of construction, will be increased by an amount deemed necessary by Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, to cover additional contractor mobilization expenses at the job site.
  6. The grading permit estimate shall include a lump sum amount to ensure restoration of any existing improvements in the public right of way over the haul route for construction materials. The proposed haul route shall be identified by the Engineer (as an attachment to the grading permit estimate) from the site to a County maintained arterial road or a state maintained highway. The estimate shall include, as a minimum, the cost to replace 25% of the following improvements:
    1. Paving based on the amount required for the street classification (including removal of any damaged pavement).
    2. Curb and gutter, if applicable.
    3. Shoulder sod, if no curb and gutter exists along the edge of pavement.
(The estimate shall increase for paved areas that may be readily susceptible to failure.)