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Bonds Estimation for Utility

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Permit Number:
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QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals

Total: N/A
Total + 5% Contigency: N/A
Bond: N/A
Fee @ 14.650%: N/A

Approved by: ________________________________________

QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals
C.Y.Utility Excavation, Under Roadway
C.Y.Utility Excavation, Outside of Roadway
L.S.Aerial Work Only
L.S.Pull/Place Cable In Existing Conduit
L.S.Minimal Restoration of Right-of-Way
Ea.Roadway Crossing via Directional Bore, Minor Road: < 70 Ft. ROW (Primary Road)
Ea.Roadway Crossing via Directional Bore, Major Road: >= 70 Ft. ROW (Primary Road)
L.F.Boring Beneath & Parallel w/Centerline of Road ($2000 / 50 ft. Wide Pavement)
L.F.Directional Boring/Trenching in Road Shoulder, Parallel to Roadway, Restoration of Grass Area w/Sod
Ea.Crossing/Restoration Residential Driveway Apron
Ea.Crossing/Restoration Commercial Driveway Apron
Ea.Fire Hydrant Relocation (other than WSSC)
Ea.Cable TV Handhold Boxes
L.F.4" PVC PEPCO Conduit
Ea.Utility Pole Relocation
S.Y.Mill and Overlay (2" depth)
L.F.Curb and Gutter (Removal & Restoration)
L.F.Concrete Sidewalk (Removal & restoration)
S.Y.Brick Paver Sidewalk (Removal & Restoration)
S.Y.Brick Paver Driveway (Removal & Restoration)
L.S.Maintenance of Traffic (per each location)
QuantityUnitDescriptionUnit CostSubtotals