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DPS/Building Construction - Commercial Fast Track

What is the Commercial Fast Track permit process?

The Commercial Fast Track process is a "walk-thru" or while-you-wait review service for projects of limited scope involving interior alterations of existing business or mercantile tenants.  This is a same-day service that is offered at no additional cost.  To determine if your project qualifies for the Commercial Fast Track process, please review the Commercial Fast Track Hints and Tips.

What types of projects qualify for the Commercial Fast Track process?

The commercial Fast Track permit process is available for projects involving small-scale interior alterations of existing commercial buildings. Projects in the following IBC use groups qualify for the commercial Fast Track permit process, except as noted:

Business Occupancies (IBC “B” Use), Except: 

    • Alterations on more than one floor.
    • Medical facilities or offices, to include dental, psychiatric, nursing, obstetrical, or surgical care.
    • Dry cleaning facilities.
    • Business occupancies that are part of a mixed use space (IBC non-separated mixed use).

Mercantile Occupancies (IBC “M” Use), Except:

    • Alterations on more than one floor.
    • Mercantile occupancies that are part of a mixed use space (IBC non-separated mixed use).

Fire Damage Repair (All IBC Use Groups, up to 25% of the value of the structure), Except:

    • Projects that involve the repair of fire damaged structural components.
    • Projects that alter the structure from its original pre-fire condition.

What types of projects DO NOT qualify for the Commercial Fast Track process?

The following projects do not qualify for the commercial Fast Track process (this list is not to be considered all-inclusive and is subject to change):

  • Any work in IBC use groups other than those listed above, including work in mixed use tenant spaces (non-separated mixed use per the IBC).
  • Any change in IBC Building Occupancy Classification, to include tenant spaces that do not have an existing Use and Occupancy Certificate or are a first tenant.
  • Any change in IBC Construction Type Classification, or projects in or involving Type IV Heavy Timber construction.
  • Any increase in gross floor area (as defined in the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance), including new buildings and additions to existing buildings.
  • Any exterior alterations or site changes including changes to required parking.
  • Any project with a pending zoning “Special Exception”.
  • Any project involving a commercial kitchen.
  • Projects with spaces that have vertical floor openings, multiple-floor shaft penetrations, or involve the creation or alteration of core corridors.
  • Any space or tenant that stores, uses, or dispenses hazardous materials or hazardous chemicals, including laboratories and gas stations.
  • Any project or tenant space that uses or requires specialized ventilation equipment, including nail salons (exhaust for manicures/pedicures), and smoke control/management systems.
  • Installation of more than one new transformer over 30kVA, and/or more than one new electrical panel.
  • Trailers, such as those for sales or construction. 
  • Installation of equipment greater than 400 lbs., water heaters with a capacity of greater than 30 gallons, and high density (mobile) filing/storage systems.
  • Alterations that cannot be reviewed in the time allotted for commercial Fast Track plans because of complexity of design or structural modifications. The plans examiner will make this determination of complexity.  

What is required for a commercial fast track building permit application?

The applicant must submit the following documents and information:

  • A completed Commercial Building Permit Application
  • Two completed sets of construction drawings (engineer/architect signed/sealed with certification and title block on each page)
  • A code analysis, with scaled and dimensioned floor plans, elevations, sections and details, as appropriate; room/door/window schedules, and partition schedules with fire ratings and test numbers, as appropriate
  • The project's scope of work
  • Floorplan(s) showing the space being altered and all means of egress to the identified floor exits
  • All new and existing work (note: clouds are not an acceptable method to indicate new work)
  • Two completed sets of electrical drawings to include riser diagram, panel/light schedules and power/light plans. Indicate all new and existing work.
  • Two sets of structural drawings to include structural floor plans, sections and details, as appropriate; general structural specifications and loading criteria; and computations as appropriate. Indicate all new and existing work.
  • Two sets of mechanical drawings to show the location of all existing supply and return registers (if the system and ductwork are existing), indicate as such; and completed duct layout with all main branch sizes, register sizes and CFM at each register (if ductwork is new). In addition, provide the equipment schedule for all new equipment.
  • All drawings must not exceed 36"x48".

Inspection Information

Inspection requirements are attached to the approved set of plans. Inspection requests received before 12:00 noon are scheduled for the next business day (Monday – Friday). Inspection requests received after 12:00 noon are scheduled within two business days (Monday – Friday).

Application Package
Application - Commercial Building Permit Commercial Building Application
Use and Occupancy Application Use and Occupancy Application
 ADA Accessibility Compliance Form Accessibility Compliance Form
Fees and Taxes
Fees Executive Regulations
Automation Fee Automation Enhancement Fee
Credit Card Authorization Form Credit Card Authorization Form
Codes, Standards, Executive Regulations
Montgomery County Code Montgomery County Code
  Commercial Energy Code
Guidelines, Memorandum of Understandings, Interpretations
Minimum Data for Submittal of Commercial Plans Minimum Data for Submittal of Commercial Plans
Hints and Tips Specific for FAST TRACK Hints and Tips for Commercial Fast Track Permits
Commercial Dumpster Checklist Commercial Dumpster Enclosures Checklist
Commercial Kiosk Guidelines for Commercial Kiosk
Modular Furniture Guidelines for Modular Furniture Submittal
Inspection Requirements
Building Commercial Inspections
Electrical Commercial Electrical Inspections
 Mechanical Commercial Mechanical Inspections
Frequently Asked Questions
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