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Submittal Guidelines Commerical Plan Screening

What is Commercial Plan Screening?

Commercial (non-single-family dwelling) plan screening is an evaluation of the technical permit documents (plans, specifications) and other technical information at the permit application submittal stage to ascertain the acceptability of the plans for intake into the permit review process. This function is performed by commercial staff engineers/plans analysts and permit technicians. It ensures that only qualified plans come into the review process and provides an applicant with immediate feedback on potential code issues.

What Constitiutes Acceptable Plans?

The package of plans/technical documents must be complete and accurate, clear and readable, prepared and organized according to accepted architecture/engineering practices and conventions, and properly sealed and signed by Maryland registered design professionals (architects/engineers) with title block statement of professional certification on each sheet/page.

What is the Screening Process?

At the point of permit application submittal, a site plan and/or building plan screener or permit technician evaluates the plans according to established criteria. If the documents are found to be acceptable, the applicant is so advised and directed to resume the application process. If the documents are found unacceptable, the screener explains the deficiencies and prepares a written comments/corrections list so that the applicant may address the deficiencies. After the corrections are completed, the applicant must return to the permit intake area and repeat the screening cycle.

IsThere a Limit to the Number of Times an Applicant's Plans may be Screened?


May an Applicant Correct any Deficiencies at the Screening Stations?

Only the responsible Maryland registered design professional, at the screener's discretion, may make certain handwritten corrections on the technical documents.

Is There a Fee for the Screening Process?


How May an Applicant Obtain Pre-Design Consultation Prior to Permit Application?

An applicant may schedule a preliminary plan consultation with building and/or fire code engineers by calling 311 or by faxing a request to 240-777-6262. There is no consultation fee, and the applicant may schedule follow-up consultations, as needed. NOTE: AT PERMIT APPLICATION, IF PLAN SCREENERS FIND THE PLANS TO BE SERIOUSLY DEFICIENT, THEY MAY REQUEST THAT THE APPLICANT SCHEDULE A CODE CONSULTATION.

How Can I Expedite my Review Process?

 Please see Our  Expedited Plan Review and Inspections Page.

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