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 Home Health Practitioner

What is the Definition of a Home Health Practitioner’s Office?

 A Home Health Practitioner is an office for a practioner who resides in the dwelling unit which the office is located. A Home Health Practitioner is prohibited in an apartment, multi-use and general building type.

For this purpose, a health practitioner is defined as a person who is licensed or certified by a Board under the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and has an advanced degree in the field from an accredited educational institution, (except that this definition excludes an electrologist, mortician, nursing home administrator, pharmacist, or veterinarian). This definition includes a registered nurse or physician’s assistant only if that person has an advanced degree in the field and practices independently.

What is the Application Process?

 Applicants who wish to apply for a Home Health Practitioner need to submit a Home Occupation Application, Use and Occupancy Application, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Photographs of the Parking Area, Landscape Plan, and a copy of the individuals Certificate or License from Marylands Depatment of Health and Mental Hygiene. 

Home Health Practitioner - Low Impact. Sec.3.3.3.G.3

 A home health practitioner's office where it is allowed as a limited use and not a Conditional Use must comply with the following requirements:      

  • Treatment of more than one patient or client at a time is allowed, but not more than 5 vehicle trips containing not more than 10 patients may come or leave at the same appointment time.
  • The sale of goods on the premises is prohibited, except for medication prescribed by the health practitioner or a prescribed remedial device that cannot be obtained from a commercial source.
  • A maximum of one Home Occupation (Low Impact) and one Home Health Practitioner (Low Impact) is allowed.
  • An indoor waiting room must be provided if more than one patient or client will be on the premises at the same time.
  • Parking must be screened under Section 6.2.9.B or Section 6.2.9.C, depending on the number of parking spaces provided/required


Application Package
Home Occuaption Application Use and Occupancy Application
Home Occupation Parking Guidelines  
Fees and Taxes
 Fee Schedule Executive Regulations
 Automation Enhancement Fee Automation Enhancement Fee
 Credit Card Authorization Form Credit Card Authorization Form
Inspection Requirements
 Inspections arranged during application.  
Frequently Asked Questions
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