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Home Occupation Certificate

When is Registration for a Home Occupation Needed?

Any homeowner in Montgomery County, who operates a home-based business which generates more than five visits to the site per week, or who provides a non-resident employee, must register his or her business with DPS.  In addition, all home-health practitioners and lawn maintenance services are required to register.

What Type of Home Occupation is my proposed activity?

No-impact home occupation:

No non-resident employees coming to the site for any reason during the day, no more than 5 customer/client vehicle visits to the property each week.  No retail sales.  This you can do as a matter of right, with no registration.

Low Impact home occupation:

One non-resident employee allowed. No more than 20 customer/client vehicle visits to the property each week, but no more than 5 per day.  No retail sales. Registration is required through the Department of Permitting Services.

Major Home Occupation:

Two non-resident employees allowed. This requires a Conditional Use (Special Exception) and the Hearing Examiner or Board of Appeals determines the number of client/customer visits after a public hearing.

Home Health Practitioners Office:

For this purpose, a health practitioner is defined as a person who is licensed or certified by a Board under the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and has an advanced degree in the field from an accredited educational institution. This use requires an indoor waiting room and off street parking with screening and the health practitioner must reside in the dwelling unit in which the office is located.

Lawn Maintenance:

All Lawn Maintenance businesses in Montgomery County are required to register as a Home Occupation. See table below for more information.

NOTE: A home occupation does not include the following: bed and breakfast establishment, boardinghouse, day care facility, display of furniture not made in the home for sale in the home or at an offsite location, landscape contractor, private educational institution, tourist home, or the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. Additionally in the AR zone this use may be prohibited by Section 3.1.5 Transferable Development Rights.

What is the Application Process?

An applicant must submit an application to the zoning office of DPS. The application must include the following items:

  • site plan
  • floor plan
  • photographs of the property

If you are creating new parking for your Home Occupation or Home Health Practitioners Office, a separate review will be conducted to ensure adequate drainage for your parking area.

A second kitchen in the home for catering or making food for off-site delivery or sales is not permitted. See Dept. of Health & Human Services.

If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a certificate of registration in the mail.

When will the Certificate of Registration be Ready for Pick Up?

The normal processing time for approval or denial of a registered home occupation application is ten days. The certificate is non-renewable and is valid for as long as the business remains in operation.

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