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Case Management Program

 Case Management Team

(Pictured above left to right: Marjorie Yoe, Karen Stephenson, Simin Rasolee, Heidi Gant and

James Maxwell)

 The Department of Permitting Services (DPS) is responsible for facilitating customers through permitting process of construction projects. The Division of Customer Services under established Case Management Program (CMP) manages many high profile projects such as complex commercial construction projects, expedited Green Tape projects, projects with new building design concepts, and places of worship.  The Case Management Program is designed to educate applicants about the permit process for their specific project before they begin. The Case Management Program strategically guides applicants from the preliminary design concept to the issuance of permits to final inspection. It allows all DPS stakeholders to jointly review the project as a whole, address the use, land and building codes and collectively identify and resolve impeding or conflicting issues. The program provides systematic approach to proactively guide and timely resolve land and building permitting issues before becoming major obstacles; creating a win-win situation for both DPS’s external and internal customers.

 How Does The Program Work?

All places of worships, Green Tape projects and other construction projects as determined by the department will automatically be managed under Case Management Program. Additional projects may be included in the program per applicant’s written request with detail description of the project. Once accepted into Case Management Program, a Customer Service Permit Technician will be assigned as Case Facilitator to serve as the liaison between the client and the department. The Case Management Program is managed by DPS Customer Service Division Manager and five Permit Technicians serving as Case Facilitators.

 What is expected from DPS Case Facilitators?

  • Serve as liaison and point of contact between DPS and client and maintain effective communication
  • Review, research, understand and summarize project concerns
  • Schedule and facilitate pre-design consultation meetings with stakeholders
  • Prepare, and distribute meeting minutes to attendees and stakeholders
  • Resolve permit impediments with DPS staff and management
  • Inform client with up-to-date status of permitting reviews and impeding issues
  • Keep project on target with established timeline
  • Monitor project from permit intake to permit issuance, final inspection and close out

 What Is Expected From Customers?

  • Submit a written request for their project be managed under the CMP
  • Provide detailed description of the project and construction phasing
  • Identify the current and proposed use
  • Outline land or building code compliance issues
  • Identify a point of contact for the project
  • Identify a timeline 
  • Submit plans, permit application; correspondences through the DPS Case Facilitator

 What Is the Contact Information For the Program? 


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