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Design For Life Tax Incentives

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Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) has launched a revised Design for Life (referred to as “DFL” or “Design for Life”) Incentive Program intended to increase the stock of visitable and livable housing in Montgomery County through tax incentives, promotion of Design for Life principles and businesses engaged in providing housing that meets Design for Life standards and through collaboration with stakeholder partners. The tax credits element of the program is authorized by Council Bill 5-13, Property Tax Credit- Accessibility Features. The bill details the property tax and impact tax credits of the Design for Life program which are intended to incentivize builders and property owners to install accessibility features in existing and new construction. A key objective of the Design for Life program is to increase the stock of existing and new residences usable by people of diverse abilities.

The enhanced program couples promotion of DFL projects, designers and builders with tax credits to help offset the cost of accessible improvements. Credits against School Impact Tax are available to help offset developer costs associated with providing visitable housing. Property tax credits are available for DFL improvements that make new housing achieve certain levels of accessibility and for accessible retrofits to an existing home. The program is structured to stimulate the demand for, production and marketing of accessible housing and to encourage homeowners/contractors to include DFL features by making accessible improvements more affordable.


Brochure for Homeowners: Printable PDF

Brochure for Business Professionals: Printable PDF



Please review the following documents for a complete understanding of the Design For Life Tax Incentive Program.