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Fire Code Compliance

Homeowner FAQs

Will the Sprinklers go off accidentally?
It is extremely rare to have this happen. The odds of having this happen due to manufacturing defects are 1 in a million.

Will smoke activate the sprinkler system?
No. The temperature in the room is what causes the sprinkler head(s) to activate.

If I do have a fire, will all of the sprinkler heads activate?
No they will not. The sprinkler head that is closest to the fire will activate. Ninety percent of the time, one sprinkler head contains a fire.

How much water damage can I expect if my sprinkler system activates?
Sprinkler systems release approximately 10-25 gallons of water per minute, compared to the 150 gallons of water a minute that a fire hose would produce.

Do I still need to use smoke, or carbon monoxide detectors?
YES! ! Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are definitely needed because a sprinkler system is temperature regulated and does not detect smoke or carbon monoxide.

What are the maintenance requirements for a home sprinkler system?
The homeowner must make sure that there is constant water supply to the system and ensure that the sprinklers do not become damaged or blocked. To check the water supply, simply view the main valve as it is required to visually indicate whether the water is on or off. The homeowner should also check to make sure that the sprinklers do not become blocked by an object which might limit the water spray to an intended area. Last but not least, check to ensure that the sprinkler heads are not painted, coated or otherwise changed to inhibit them from detecting the flames of a fire.

What do I do if I find that the sprinkler head(s) have activated?
First and foremost, you need to call 911 and have the fire department come and check your home. Secondly, you need to contact your sprinkler contractor so that you can have the sprinkler head(s) that have activated replaced.

Can I turn off the water to the sprinkler system?
You can turn off the water to the system by shutting off the main water valve, however you need to be aware that this shuts off the water to your entire home.

Who is responsible for cleaning up my house if the sprinkler system activates?
You, the home owner, are responsible for cleaning up any water damage to your home. Your home owners insurance company may have suggestions on how to handle it.