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Fire Prevention & Code Compliance

Contractor Licensing FAQs for Fire Alarm License Holders

What do I need to do as the TDQI for a company that has a “Limited-Use” license?
Companies that have a limited-use license are required to have a Temporary Designated Qualified Individual (TDQI) for every project that they do in Montgomery County. They are only allowed to install and so the TDQI must already be licensed with the “Installation” endorsement. Any person that assumes the TDQI position is the DQI for that project and they assume the same responsibilities laid out in the affidavit as they do for their own company.


When do I need to obtain a permit?
Permits must be obtained from the Department of Permitting Services to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace ANY component of a fire alarm system prior to beginning any work. This includes all detection and notification devices regardless of the quantity. Maintenance of the system does not need a permit.


When do I need to notify the fire marshal’s office of impairments?
Fire Alarm Impairment – The Fire Alarm will not detect, notify or transmit an alarm condition. The Fire Marshal shall be notified when any fire alarm system (including components) is impaired prior to the testing agency/contractor leaving the location. The system impairment line is 240-773-8903.


Is another contractor allowed to work under my license?
A contractor is not allowed to work under another contractor’s license. All companies performing work on a fire alarm system must be licensed.


Do I need to license every technician?
The quantity of licensed technicians is entirely up to you. We will require that at least one licensed technician be on site any time work is being performed on the system or its components.


What constitutes an emergency repair?
When a Fire Alarm is found to be impaired and the replacement of equipment is needed for the Fire Alarm to function and not be impaired. Where equipment replacements and repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit application shall be submitted within the next working business day to the building official.


Do DQI's need an Individual's License?
The corporate license is not intended to serve as the individual license for the DQI. If the DQI wishes to be a licensed technician they must apply for an individual license.