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Commercial Building Inspections

By performing mandatory inspections, DPS can help in complying with the provisions of the legislation. The inspection list below is helpful in the inspections for the project. FOR ALL INSPECTIONS, A SET OF APPROVED PLANS STAMPED BY MONTGOMERY COUNTY DPS MUST BE ON THE JOB SITE FOR INSPECTOR’S REVIEW. Montgomery County commercial inspectors are cross trained in building and mechanical inspections, therefore the close-in and final building and mechanical inspections must be combined. However, close-in and final inspections must be requested under the relevant Building and Mechanical Permits. If all trades are not ready, the inspector will disapprove the scheduled inspections. For instructions on scheduling or canceling your inspection, click HERE.

Required Inspections

I. Alterations not requiring new foundations or structural framing.

 These types of alterations are normally identified as alterations related to tenant spaces.

 Inspection Codes

070  (Bldg -Walls), 1st Inspection: Close in of walls and shafts.
071  (Bldg-Ceiling) This inspection must be conducted after all fire stopping, plumbing and electrical rough ins are completed. None of the above elements shall be concealed until the building/mechanical inspector conducts the close in inspection
251  (Final Bldg) 2ndInspection(s) Final inspection(s): This inspection(s) is/are conducted after all work, per approved plans and specifications, is completed.


A. 255 Pre Construction Conference:

Before commencing the construction, the owner or his/her designee shall call 311 to schedule a meeting to discuss requirements, approved plans and related matters.  It may require principal parties to the construction process attend this meeting during which an Inspector will represent the Department of Permitting Services.

Notice: Failure to schedule a pre-construction meeting before commencing construction may result in the issuance of a civil citation.


For certain types of construction work the owner or his/her designee is required to provide specially qualified inspector(s) for inspection during construction in addition to called inspections provided by the county.  Such inspections are designated herein with an "(S)" after the inspection type. All other inspections are to be performed by inspectors from (DPS).
The Special Inspector shall keep records of all inspections and shall furnish inspection reports to Department of Permitting Services, Second Floor, 255 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, 20850-2589. Each inspection report shall be submitted to DPS within ten (10) days from the date that the inspection is conducted.  At the conclusion of each construction phase the inspection agency shall provide a final certification stating that the construction of that phase has been completed in accordance with the approved drawings, the job specifications and the Montgomery County Building Code. The certification shall have the seal and signature of an Engineer/ Architect duly registered in the State of Maryland.  The certification shall be submitted to the DPS within five (5) working days from the date that the construction phase is completed.


It is the responsibility of the owner or his/her designee to call 311 (240-777-0311 Outside Montgomery County) and request inspections as required, at the proper time in accordance with the sequence of the work.  No work shall proceed beyond the point where an inspection is required.

Notification of Required Inspections

To improve service and facilitate the scheduling of inspection requests refer to the following table. Please use the three digit inspection codes listed to the left of each inspection type for scheduling the inspections required for new construction, renovations/alterations, and additions.

When calling for inspections, please have contact information, including phone #, the address to be inspected (as it appears in the premise address, including suite #, Floor #, if applicable section of your permit), the permit number and the type of inspection requested.

259 Soils Inspection and Testing (S): This Special Inspection is required for:
    a. All placed engineered fill and backfill material.
b. Foundation excavations tests where soil-bearing capacity has to be determined or verified.
    NOTE:  The certification by the inspection agency indicating adequate soil bearing capacity to support the design loads must be submitted to the inspector at the site at the time of the footing/rebar inspection and prior to placing any concrete.
051  Footings (Foundation): All formwork and rebars must be in place prior to inspection.
053  Grade Beam (Foundation): All formwork and rebars must be in place prior to inspection.
069  Slabs on Grade All under slab utilities, gravel, wire mesh, insulation, poly and grade stakes to be in place at the time of inspection and before placing of concrete
055 Walls  Masonry (Exterior Foundation Walls) If reinforced, all rebars must be in  place at the time of inspection.  All clean out holes for each lift must remain  open until inspection.
056 Walls   Masonry (Interior Walls): All rebars must be in place.  Clean out holes to remain open until inspection
054  Walls - Reinforced Concrete (Exterior Foundation Walls): All rebars must be in place at time of inspection.
057  Walls - Reinforced Concrete (Interior Walls): All rebars must be in place at time of inspection before placing concrete
065  Parging, Waterproofing, Dampproofing: All debris must have been removed from perimeter of foundation at time of inspection.
a. Concrete Walls:   Heavy tar applied to all areas where form ties will be below grade. Inspection to occur prior to application of sprayed or mopped tar.
b. Masonry Walls:   All parging complete. Inspection to occur prior to sprayed or mopped tar.
066 Location Wall Check Upon completion of the foundation walls or perimeter footings and before any construction is placed upon such foundation walls or footings obtain two copies of a location plat certified by a land surveyor showing the actual location of the building with respect to property lines and existing buildings or structures on the same lot. A professional engineer entitled to practice in Maryland may provide such certification only where property lines and corners are already existing and determined on the ground
070 (Bldg -Walls),  Wall Close In or Interior Framing or Concealment All firestopping and all electrical and plumbing rough in must be in place prior to inspection. Note: If structural steel is involved all certification as to steel assembly and connections are due at this time, prior to inspection.
071 (Bldg-Ceiling), Ceiling Close-In(s) All plumbing and electrical rough ins are to be complete at this inspection. If plenum, all items to be placed in plenum area are to be in place at the time of suspended ceiling is used, all grid work is to be complete andsecured
072  Columns   Reinforced Concrete All formwork and rebars to be in place prior to inspection and placing of concrete.
069  Structural Concrete Slabs All formwork sleeves and rebar installations to be in place prior to inspection and placing of concrete.
058  Structural Steel Assembly (S) This Special Inspection includes the determination that members are properly located, sized, and in accordance with approved plans; checking of setting of anchor bolts and base plates; determining that members are plumb
067 Chimney/Pre Fab Fireplace Firebox, pipe, firestops, and chimney cap to be complete at time of inspection.  All areas of pipe and firebox must be visible so inspector can verify connections, firestops, and clearances
068 Masonry Fireplace/Flue Fireplace, throat, damper, and first flue liner are to be in place for this inspection
251  Final All work per approved plan is to be complete and premise ready for occupancy.
General Notes for All Inspections: Inspection approval from the uilding/Mechanical inspector does not carry any approval for plumbing or electrical items. These items must be inspected and approved by the appropriate inspector(s) before any concealment are to occur.
  Capacity Certificate In every place of Public or Private Assembly with an occupant load greater than 99 persons a capacity permit is required and it must be post in a conspicuous place in the room/space near the entrance. Owner/tenant/person in-charge must obtain Capacity Certificate at the time of occupancy from DPS.
252 Building Use and Occupancy All disciplines shall be approved prior to issuance of Certificate: Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, WSSC and Green Building as applicable.


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