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Commercial Mechanical and Energy Inspections

By performing mandatory inspections, DPS can help in complying with the provisions of the legislation. The inspection list below is helpful in scheduling the inspections for the project. FOR ALL INSPECTIONS, A SET OF APPROVED PLANS STAMPED BY MONTGOMERY COUNTY DPS MUST BE ON THE JOB SITE FOR INSPECTOR’S REVIEW. Montgomery County commercial inspectors are cross trained in building and mechanical inspections, therefore the close-in and final building and mechanical inspections must be combined. However, close-in and final inspections must be requested under the relevant Building and Mechanical Permits. If all trades are not ready, the inspector will disapprove the scheduled inspections. For instructions on scheduling or canceling your inspection, click HERE.

Mechanical Inspections

To improve service and facilitate the scheduling of inspection requests refer to the tables below. Please use the three digit inspection codes listed to the left of each inspection type for scheduling the inspections required for new construction, renovations/alterations, and additions.

I. Alterations not requiring new foundations or structural framing.  These types of alterations are normally identified as alterations related to tenant spaces.

DPS Code Description
600  Shaft Close-in (If applicable)
602  Tank Inspection (If applicable)
604  Hood Inspection (If applicable)
606  Duct Inspection
608  Close-In (Wall/Ceiling)
610  Piping Inspection (If applicable)
612  Refrigeration (If applicable)
616  Appliance Inspection (If applicable)
651   Final Inspection    

II. Required Inspection   New Construction and Additions:
In addition to inspections listed in Item I,  additional inspections listed below are required.

DPS Code Description
628 Pre-Construction Meeting
248 Mechanical Use and Occupancy Inspection

Energy Inspections

I. Required Energy Inspections   NEW CONSTRUCTION AND ADDITIONS:  

DPS Code Description
502 Energy Slab Inspection
504 Energy Ceiling Inspection
506 Energy Wall Inspection
508 Energy Mechanical Inspection
510 Energy Electrical Inspection
550 Energy Final Inspection