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Journeyman Electrician's License

When is a Journeyman Electrical License Required?

A Journeyman Electrician's License is required for electrical work performed without the supervision of a Master Electrician or another Journeyman. A Journeyman may supervise up to three other unlicensed electrical workers.

Is There a Law that Applies?

 Montgomery County Code Search Chapter 17

Annotated Code of the State of Maryland.

What is the Application Process?

A completed application form is required, along with letters of reference verifying a minimum of four (4) years of experience under the supervision of a Master Electrician.  Also required is a payment of $77.25.

What is the Purpose of a Photo ID Card?

In Montgomery County, licensed electricians are required to carry their photo ID's on job sites. Electricians without ID's may be sent away from job sites or fined by County inspectors.

What is Required to Take the Journeyman Electrician's Examination?

The Board of Electrical Examiners will review the application and supporting documents . Applicants must have a minimum of four (4) years experience under the supervision of a Master Electrician. (See the application and instructions for complete information).

Approved applicants receive a letter specifiying the time, date, and place of their examination. Disapproved applicants receive a letter specifying the reason(s) for disapproval.

Disapproved applicants may appeal directly to the Board of Electrical Examiners. Requests should be submitted in writing to the Department of Permitting Services.

What is the Process for Applicants Approved for Licensure?

Applicants will receive a letter stating the exam score and requesting the license fee of $181.28 total for two years, non-refundable. After receipt of the fee, the license and fee receipt are usually mailed within two weeks.

What is the Process for Applicants Disapproved for Licensure?

Applicants receive a letter stating the exam scores, along with an application for re-examination. The fee for re-examination is $31.93. Applicants may retest at the next available test date.

How is the License Renewed?

Journeyman licenses expire every two years. Renewal notices are usually mailed to the licensee's last known address six to eight weeks prior to expiration of the license, however it is ultimately the licensee’s responsibility to ensure their license is renewed in a timely fashion. Written change-of-address notifications are critical to the renewal process.

In order to renew a Journeyman license, the applicant must complete the renewal form which can be found here:

If the Journeyman did not test with the Montgomery County Board of Examiners in order to obtain their license initially, they must provide with the completed application a current copy of their Journeyman license from the jurisdiction they reciprocated from. The fee for renewal is  $181.28 total for two years, non-refundable.

A photo is needed in order to generate the renewed ID card. Photos may be submitted in of the three following ways:

1.) E-mail a headshot picture in JPEG format to

2.) Mail a headshot picture on a CD in JPEG format to Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services at 255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor Rockville MD, 20850-4166.

3.) Come into the DPS office, sign-in at the information desk, and meet with a permit technician face-to-face. We can take you photo and create a license card while you are in the office. 

What are the Consequences of Failure to Renew a License?

Renewal applications received more than ten (10) business days after the expiration date of the license are subject to a late renewal fee of $60.77. Renewal applications received more than six (6) months beyond the expiration date will not be accepted.

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