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Traffic Plan Review

What is a Traffic Plan Review?

A traffic plan review is an evaluation of pedestrian and vehicular circulation on development site plans and of traffic design parameters in roadway geometric plans. The review ensures that safe, efficient, and appropriate traffic accommodations are provided on public roads and publicly-used facilities during the development process.

When is a Traffic Review necessary?

A traffic review is required by the Planning Board for development that requires site-plan approval. This review is coordinated with the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT).

Most commercial sites requiring a Driveway Permit or a Storm Drain and Paving Permit will require a traffic review.

The County Code (Sec. 59 E 4.1) requires a traffic review for all parking facilities plans.

What will be covered in the Traffic Review?

The following items, as applicable, will be assessed:

  1. That pedestrian walkways and depressed curb ramps are provided, as needed, on-site, adjacent to the site, and connecting the site to the adjacent street/sidewalk.
  2. That an adequate number of off street loading spaces and truck circulation pattern is provided (See DPS Off Street Loading Criteria).
  3. That adequate sight distance is provided at driveways and streets intersecting county roads. (See Sight Distance Evaluation Certification form).
  4. That driveways and intersections are located and spaced safely and designed to accommodate expected traffic volumes and maneuvers.
  5. That the on-site vehicular circulation and parking layout is safe and efficient.
  6. That auxiliary traffic lanes (left, right, acceleration, deceleration) are provided on roadways, when necessary, and have adequate lengths and tapers/transitions.

How is a plan submitted for Traffic Review, and how long will it take?

The traffic review will automatically be conducted as part of any applicable permit review process (Driveway Permit, Paving Permit, Building Permit), or as part of the development-review process and is included in the time frames provided under individual permit descriptions.

What is the cost of a traffic review?

There is no additional cost associated with the traffic review.