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DPS Site Plan Enforcement

 Zoning Ordinance

In August 2006, the Montgomery County Planning Board and the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) crafted a Memorandum of Understanding that transferred to DPS enforcement of site plans on those developments that are subject to certification through MNCPPC, which can be found in Chapter 59-D-3 of the Zoning ordinance.

This means that DPS is now responsible for ensuring that the standards and conditions that are detailed in Planning Board opinions (narrative description of certified site plans) and on Approved Signature Sets (drawings of certified site plans) are met.

DPS shall do this by: conducting onsite inspections for compliance during development, reviewing site plans associated with building permits and investigating complaints.

  1. Conducting on-site inspections. The following is a list of inspections that can be performed for any certified site plan:
    • Lighting
    • Landscaping
    • Curb / gutter / sidewalks / paving on private roads
    • Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
    • Lot coverage (both overall site coverage and individual lot coverage)
    • Height
    • Setbacks
    • Wall checks
    • Retaining walls
    • Fences
    • Playground equipment / tot lots
    • Hike & Bike trails
    • Recreation facilities
    • Use and Occupancy for commercial buildings only
    • Staging / triggers (i.e. items that might require completion at a certain stage of build out—i.e. “...tot lots will be installed when 50 % to 70% of the building permits have been issued”)
  2. Reviewing site plans associated with building permits to ensure compliance with the certified site plan. This review shall include:
  3. DPS shall investigate allegations of site plan violations.

Click here for the Site Plan Enforcement Inspection Area Map and to find the name and contact number for your inspector.

Click here for the Zoning Complaint Inspection Area Map.

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