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Dam Breach Analysis

Why is a Dam Breach Analysis necessary?

A Dam Breach Analysis is needed to delineate the area potentially impacted by inundation should a dam fail, and can be used to aid dam classification for any proposed stormwater management facilities.

When do I need a Dam Breach Analysis?

A Dam Breach Analysis may be required for:

  • any proposed pond construction that could potentially affect the downstream properties or right of way.
  • any existing upstream pond embankment that could potentially affect proposed downstream construction.
  • Establishment of a dam hazard class for embankments as part of the development.

What is the application process?

Submit a completed Floodplain District Permit Application with appropriate supporting information (a development plan, and any supporting technical information) and appropriate application fees. The owner of the property where the land-disturbing activity is to be performed, or the owner's authorized agent, must sign the application .Please refer to the second page of the FPDP Application for submittal requirements.

How is the Dam Breach Analysis review coordinated with my Sediment Control Permit application approval?

 Upon approval of the Dam Breach Analysis, the reviewer will inform the Sediment Control Plan reviewer that the analysis has been approved and the "Dam Classification" is appropriate for the proposed construction.

What will the Dam Breach Analysis review cost?

Fees associated with the Dam Breach Analysis are in accordance with Schedule of Fees for Permits Licenses and Inspections – Method 3  and is required for all Dam Breach applications. An additional 10% Automation Enhancement Fee is charged on the cost(s) listed above as per Montgomery County Regulation 5-98  - Adoption of an Automation Enhancement Fee.

When will I receive my approval?

A Dam Breach Analysis takes approximately four to six weeks for review and approval. Actual processing time may vary according to workload and/or complexity of the project.

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Fees for Floodplain District Permit (See page 7) Executive Regulation 6-11
Automation Enhancement Fee Regulation (10% Automation Fee) Executive Regulation 5-98
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