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Floodplain Status Request 

When Do I Need To Request a Floodplain Status on my Property?

Floodplain information should be requested when you are planning to do any type of building or grading and you do not know if your property is within a 100-year floodplain. This type of request is usually made by prospective property buyers or as a result of a mortgage company requiring flood insurance.Info here.

Why Is It Necessary For Me To Request This Information?

Montgomery County Code Chapter 19, Article III and Executive Regulation 108-92 govern any type of construction activity in or near a 100-year floodplain area.

How Do I Request This Information?

Complete a Request for Information form, submit it to DPS and a Water Resources Permitting Services Specialist will contact you.  There is no charge for a verbal floodplain status response however if official written verification is required there is a charge.

How Much Does A Floodplain Status Request Cost?

The fee for a written Certification of Floodplain Status is in accordance with the Schedule of Fees for Permits Licenses and Inspections – Method 3 and is required for all official written response requests. An additional 10% Automation Enhancement Fee is charged on the cost(s) listed above as per Montgomery County Regulation 5-98  - Adoption of an Automation Enhancement Fee. All fees are non-refundable and are not transferable.  

What If There Is A 100-Year Floodplain On My Property And I Want To Build Or Grade?

Bring in a site plan for a Water Resources Permitting Services Specialist to review and determine:

This will be determined by the proximity of the building and grading site to the 100-year floodplain.

How Long Does It Take To Respond To A Written Request?

A floodplain status determination usually takes approximately one week or less. Actual processing time may vary according to workload and/or complexity of the project.


Application Package
Floodplain Status Request (Public Information Request Form)  Public Information Request Form
Floodplain District Permit Application Floodplain District Permit Application
Floodplain Study Information Floodplain Study
Sediment Control Permit Application Sediment Control Permit Application
Sediment Control Permit Information Sediment Control Permit
Stormwater Concept Application Stormwater Concept Application
Fees and Taxes
Fees for Floodplain District Permit (See page 7) Executive Regulation 6-11
Automation Enhancement Fee Regulation (10% Automation Fee) Executive Regulation 5-98
Credit Card Authorization Form Credit Card Authorization Form
General Bond Information Bond Information
Performance Bond Performance Bond Sample
Letter of Credit Letter of Credit Sample
Codes, Standards, Executive Regulations
Montgomery County Code - Chapter 19 Montgomery County Code
Guidelines, Memorandum of Understandings, Interpretations
Water Resource Section Standards, Guidelines and Helpful Information DPS Water Resources Section Guidelines
Stormwater Management Concept Information Stormwater Concept
Inspection Requirements
Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Inspections Sediment Control Inspections
Frequently Asked Questions
311 Web Portal: Enter key word "Floodplain"
Online Permitting Status Information and Inspections
Online Permit Status Search DPS
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In Montgomery County 311
Outside of Montgomery County 240-777-0311
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