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Stormwater Management

The goal of stormwater management is to mitigate the effects of development on the receiving stream system. Mitigation is achieved by implementing practices in accordance with the 2000 Maryland Department of the Environment's Stormwater Design Manual as amended and with Montgomery County design requirements.

The DPS Water Resource Section reviews plans for conformance with the requirements of Chapter 19 of the Montgomery County Code which includes the provisions for addressing stormwater mangement in Montgomery County.

The below links are provide helpful information concerning use of stormwater devices in Montgomery County.


Water Resource Section Standards, Guidelines and Helpful Information DPS Water Resources Section Guidelines
Application Package
Sediment Control Permit Application Sediment Control Permit Application
Stormwater Concept Application Stormwater Concept Application
Fees and Taxes
Fees for Sediment Control Permit (See pages 4-7) Executive Regulation 26-16
Automation Enhancement Fee Regulation Automation Enhancement Fee
Codes, Standards, Executive Regulations
Montgomery County Code - Chapter 19 Montgomery County Code
Guidelines, Memorandum of Understandings, Interpretations
Stormwater Management Concept Information Stormwater Concept
Inspection Requirements
Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Inspections Sediment Control Inspections