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Guideline for Building Permits for Properties with Septic Systems

All building permit applications for properties served by septic systems must be reviewed by the Well and Septic system for compliance with current State and County regulations.  Please refer to the Well and Septic Guideline for Building Additions/Improvements for more information. 

Regulations require confirmation that the septic system serving a propery is adequate prior to consideration for permit approval.  It is also necessary to confirm that any proposed structure or addition meets all establish minimum setback distances relative to the septic system.

Septic systems are sized based upon the number of bedrooms (or rooms that may serve as bedrooms) in a home as well as the soil conditions encountered in the septic reserve area.  Any proposal for an increase in “habitable space” to an existing dwelling must be evaluated for adequate septic capacity and adherence to current setback requirements.  Please refer to our Guideline for Minimum Setbacks  for more information.

Habitable Space is defined as “any room meeting the requirements in the Building Officials Conference of America Code as approved by the Montgomery County Council for sleeping, living, cooking or dining purposes, excluding such places as closets, pantries, bath or toilet rooms, hallways, laundries, storage spaces, utility rooms and similar spaces, and excluding rooms which are not heated.” (Executive Regulation 28-93 AM)

If the building permit propsoal includes "habitable space" as defined above, then it may be necessary to include a worksheet of calculaions along with thebuilding permit proposal.  Please refer to the Habitable Space Worksheet for more information.