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Types of Drilled Water Wells

There are several types of drilled water wells for which a permit may be issued in Montgomery County. 

A County well location permit and a State permit to drill are both required prior to the start of any water well drilling in the County.  Please refer to the Application for Well and Septic Permit/Services and the Guideline for Well and Septic Permit Application for more information. 

The property owner and the licensed driller have the responsibility to comply with Montgomery County and Maryland State regulations and laws concerning dust, noise, sediment control, and all other environmental issues. Drilling water containing drill cuttings and grout must not be discharged off-site into streams or storm drains; or onto the property of others.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to comply with Montgomery County Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Concept Review requirements.

Potable Drinking Water Wells

Potable wells are those wells drilled expressly for providing a safe drinking water supply for a property that is not served by the WSSC public water system.  Successful Certificate of Potability sampling is required before a potable well may be put  into service. 

Irrigation/Agricultural Wells

Irrigation or agricultural wells are those wells drilled to provide an approvable water source for watering crops, landscape or livestock.

Monitoring wells

Monitoring wells are those wells drilled to provide a means to monitor subsurface levels of chemicals/compounds associateed with a specific actovity or function involving storage of potential pollutants (i.e., gasoline stored at a gas station)

Geothermal wells

Geothermal wells are those wells drilled to provide a means for the installation of the geothermal loops for the heating and cooling system.  Please refer to our Guideline for Geothermal wells for more information.