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Parking Standards Waiver

What is a Parking Waiver?

A parking waiver is required when strict compliance with Article E of the Zoning Ordinance (Off-Street Parking and Loading) cannot be achieved in the design of a parking facility. Waiver requests usually address landscaping, setbacks, or the number of parking spaces required by the ordinance.

What is the Application Process for a Parking Waiver?

An applicant may seek a waiver either before or during the course of an application for a building permit. The following information should be forwarded to the Director of DPS:

  • request/justification letter
  • three copies of a site/landscape plan
  • list of adjoining and confronting property owners, including any affected citizens' associations

Zoning staff will process the application, schedule a public hearing, and finalize a recommendation for the director. The applicant will be notified of the Director's decision in writing.

What Will the Cost Be?

The total cost for each Parking Waiver is $1085.00.

When Will a Final Decision be made by the Director?

Once a public hearing has been held, the record is usually kept open for ten days to allow additional information to be presented/ considered. Typically the Director makes a decision within two weeks from the date that the record has officially closed.