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Zoning Confirmation Letters

What is a Zoning Confirmation Letter?

A Zoning Confirmation Letter is a statement from the Department of Permitting Services.  It identifies and describes the zone in which a property is located. The letter may include information about the permitted uses in the zone, pending or resolved zoning violations.  It often verifies the property was in compliance at the time permits were issued. The letter is mainly used to submit to lenders as due diligence for financing or refinancing.

What is the application process?

Submit a written request to:

Department of Permitting Services

Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement

255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor

Rockville MD 20850

The request should indicate what information the lender is requesting, a contact person phone number and email.  A tax identification number will expedite the process.  A check, for the fee listed below, made out to Montgomery County must be submitted at the time the request is made. Zoning Staff will prepare the letter after researching the Departmental records for the property.

What is the cost for a Zoning Confirmation Letter?

Therer are two types of structures for which confirmation letters may be requested - Commercial and Residential.


The total fee for each address is $468.65.This includes apartment houses, condominiums, four story townhouses, as well as commercial buildings.  The total cost the letter is based on the number of adresses requested; one fee per adress.

Requests for Zoning Compliance letters for a Multi-family structure (i.e. condominiums, apartments and some townhouses) will be processed as a Commercial Zoning Compliance Letter request.  Residential properties with Special Exceptions will also be process as a Commercial Request.


The total fee for each property address requested is $360.50.  This includes single family attached and detached dwellings.  The total cost of the letter is based on the number of addresses requested; one fee per address.Residential Zoning Compliance Letters are for Single Family Dwellings only.

When will the letter be ready for pick up?

The Zoning Confirmation Letter will normally be ready within seven days.